Standing Committees and Responsibilities  (as taken from the bylaws)

Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and such other officers as may be deemed necessary to conduct the affairs of the CNC and be facilitated by the Chair. If voting is required, a simple majority vote shall constitute a quorum.

Meet monthly prior to any regular meeting of the CNC. These meetings shall be open to the general public and any CNC committee chair(s) and other CNC members may attend but not vote on any issue before this Committee.

  • Ensure the day-to-day functioning of the CNC in accordance with the direction of the CNC.
  • Prepare the agenda for each CNC meeting and keep regular minutes of its proceedings and make these reports available to the CNC.
  • Have the power to act for the CNC when a decision must be made and the expediency of the situation does not allow for a special meeting of the CNC.
  • Have the authority to cancel a CNC monthly meeting if a weather emergency or other emergency exists sufficient to warrant such cancellation with proper notification to all CNC members of such cancellation and rescheduling, if any.

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Budget Committee shall collaborate with the City to identify and develop ways for neighborhood organizations to timely be involved with and influence the City's capital budget and portions of the operating budget that deal with physical improvements.

Current Chair: Amanda Kay Helmick

Neighborhood Planning and Land Use Committee shall study, make recommendations and monitor the neighborhood planning process. In doing so, it will coordinate with the relevant City agencies and citizen advisory bodies.

Current Chair: Irene Wall

Neighborhood Matching Fund Oversight Committee works with the Department of Neighborhoods, makes recommendations for procedural and other changes to the Neighborhood Matching Fund review process, and offers advice regarding funding parameters and selection criteria.

Current Co-Chairs: Laine Ross and Catherine Weatbrook

Transportation Committee identifies transportation related issues of interest to more than one District, facilitates sharing of useful information between Districts regarding major transportation issues, and brings to the CNC draft resolutions or other motions for action concerning those issues, city policies or specific projects of concern.

Current Chair:  Dennis Galvin

Youth, Schools and Education Committee this committee shall coordinate with relevant agencies and groups to study citywide practices and policy on youth, families and education and related services, especially as they affect neighborhoods and to draft recommendations on key issues for CNC approval.

Current Chair:  Eden Mack

Citywide Review Team (CRT) is a group of at least 17 volunteers from across the City who are nominated by the 13 District Councils and include four (4) at-large members nominated by the CNC to make sure the group is broadly representative. It meets solely to review the Neighborhood Matching Fund Large Project Fund applications and to make a set of funding recommendations to the CNC for approval and submittal to the Mayor and City Council. If the nominees to the CRT from the District Councils do not include seated CNC members, the CNC shall add at least two (2) of its own members to the CRT as part of the four (4) at-large members.For a list of current members, contact Patricia Lopez, Department of Neighborhoods, E-mail:

  • All CNC committee meetings shall be open to the general public and be held at locations accessible to persons with disabilities. Each committee shall meet at least four (4) times a year and each committee's status shall be reviewed annually by the CNC.

Items in grey represent discontinued activities of the CNC and district councils.  We no longer have an city recognized role in the city grant process.