Digital Technology Toolkit


Objective - Providing A Technology Framework to Community Organizations:  This project is about working smarter not harder, helping to ensure volunteer limited resources are leveraged in the most effective way - freeing up time for people to work on issues about which they are most passionate and not administrative overhead.  If your District Council already has a website, you can still participate in this project.  For those who may not have a site and would like to sign up or learn more, the CNC tech advisor and current Secretary, Troy Meyers is available to attend your meetings and discuss – email:

Primary Features - Technology Toolkit

  • email, Shared Documents, Electronic Document Storage, Shared Calendar, Shared Contacts
  • Content Management (Website – hosting/editing tools)
  • Relationship Management System – a critical feature for outreach (can you add 5 words of what it is?)
  • Voice and Text Message platform for both incoming and outgoing messages
  • URL shortener (great for newsletters / print sources)


  • At this time, costs are being absorbed by a donor for a web page (not domain name), access to a shared conference call line and all the above features are free to organizations. We plan to eventually pursue grant funding with the intent of continuing free service.

The CNC is offering discounted wholesale pricing on the following “add-ons”

  • Domain registration and hosting are $12.00 per year 
  • Dedicated Phone Numbers for your group at 1.50 per month
  • $0.0035 voice and SMS per minute or SMS. (For example, a one hour recorded conference call with 10 participants would be $2.10)

Ongoing project updates will follow which will include a training schedule and location – slated for early February.


Facebook / Nextdoor

Social Media, while valuable, can also work against our organizations.  For example, Facebook actively restricts post distribution unless one is willing to pay to elevate a particular post.

Nextdoor also has some restrictions.  Neighborhood boundaries are arbitrary and were established based upon what was already part of an existing neighborhood and the first person to signup, setting available boundaries.  This creates a situation often prevents communications to the needed geographic area.  Additionally, selling itself as a “safe place” to talk to neighbors, soliciting a more detail profile than other social networks.  Of concern: Nextdoor is still venture capital funded and at some point, must identify a revenue stream or will be sold to the highest bidder with their primary asset being profiles, not just the information you provide but also what they build based on what you read, post or respond to.

Why not use MailChimp, Gmail & Google Apps, web hosts etc?

There are real advantages to a unified platform where member organizations set the privacy policy and data controls.  Our workflows will drive what is available and how it works.  This project offers a menu of available services where one may pick and choose appropriate elements relevant to your organization.  Perhaps you have an established email system, yet your website needs some help.  Or a great website but no physical office or support infrastructure and wish to engage younger members of the community who may not have email or older members not using technology at all.