DoN report to Council in response to SLI #18-2- A-1- 2015

Greetings Neighbors....As you know, City Council issued SLI #18-2- A-1- 2015 to the Department of Neighborhoods requesting a plan to reorient programs around the new City Council District structure with a primary focus on the Neighborhood District Coordinator program and a goal for more equitable community engagement. Per the SLI, the plan should include proposals for changes or modifications to the Neighborhood District Coordinators program, including proposals for updated job descriptions, protocols for working with District Councilmembers and improvements to the City’s relationship to the existing District Councils and City Neighborhood Council. DoN's final response to this was submitted July 15, 2016 - see below: DON FINAL Response to SLI 18-2-A-1 (DON programs and Council Districts) (final).pdf Additionally, the second of two reports to Council from DoN describing the analysis of issues identified and recommendations for actions to improve the accessibility and equity of DON grant programs. Note: The first report was submitted by DoN in March and included an overview of the department’s grant programs and programs the department manages including the Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund Per DoN, the second report includes an overview of the major issues identified across grant programs and recommendations and action items that can be applied universally. Program specific items are called out in subsequent sections to address issues that are largely unique to the different programs. Finally, the racial equity toolkit worksheets are attached to the report as they provide additional data and information about key part of this assessment and the RSJI implications of some of the issues identified as well as proposed recommendations. DON FINAL Response to SLI 20-1-A-1 (RSJI Analysis of DON Grant Programs) (final).pdf

More information to follow shortly CNC Seattle