NPLUC Committee Meeting March 14

The next CNC Neighborhood Planning and Land Use Committee meeting will be March 14, 2017

Room 370 at City Hall - 6:30 - 8:30

Special Agenda:  HALA MHA WORKSHOP #2 - Details of zoning change

This Workshop will be  repeat of the SNC event on March 11th and will help participants understand the often confusing and sometimes misleading information coming from City Hall about how MHA will work and where it will apply.  The Workshop will help you comprehend

  • the alphabet soup of MHA and how to read the proposed zoning maps for your neighborhood
  • what types of building forms and types of housing MHA will introduce
  • how the different land use zones are being changed by MHA (e.g.. did you know some “ lowrise” could be 60 feet?)
  • how MHA affordability is proposed to be achieved, how it may not achieve its stated goals, and how displacement may play out in your neighb

To RSVP use the link below

Tuesday, March 14th, 6.30 pm in room 370 of City Hall   REGISTER FOR TUESDAY WORKSHOP

Questions?  Please feel free to contact Cindi Barker at 206-933-6968