LATE BREAKING, MAYOR'S BUDGET TRANSMISSION + REMINDER: Seattle City Neighborhood Council Meeting - September 26th, City Hall, Room 370

Greetings -- the City Neighborhood Council (CNC) meets Monday, September 26th at 6:30 PM -- Agenda to follow.

LATE BREAKING NEWS - Not widely publicized:  DoN to provide SLI briefing at City Council's Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods & Finance Committee Tuesday, September 21 @ 9:30 AM.  Information being provided by DoN is unknown and we realize most of you may not be able to attend.  However, this presents another opportunity to talk about the Mayor's executive order, the development of which excluded long time Seattle volunteers.  A brief overview is attached with a few talking points for your consideration to forward to Committee Members -- email addresses may be found on this page:


Tim Burgess        206-684-8806
Lisa Herbold         206-684-8803
Rob Johnson        206-684-8808
Mike O'Brien        206-684-8800

Neighbors have been questioning the Mayor's roll out of the Executive Order on July 13, cutting formal ties with the City and District Councils/CNC and how such a top down approach was supported and are calling FOR A MORE COLLABORATIVE DISCUSSION WITH DISTRICT COUNCILS, CNC, CITY COUNCIL, DoN AND THE MAYOR'S OFFICE OVER THE NEXT YEAR to work together on this issue.


Executive Order Here:


SEPTEMBER 26 - Mayor Transmits his budget proposal to City Council 


You may already know -- The October 11 deadline for Councilmember requests is earlier than previous years’ late October deadline. However, this year a single Councilmember can bring issues forward during the budget process; in previous years, three Councilmembers needed to sponsor a proposal for it to appear on the agenda.

If Councilmembers identify additional items after the October 11 deadline, they can still discuss those additional items during theOctober 17-19 Budget Committee Deliberations, but they won’t be included in the Central Staff memos. (See link on attached notice...)

 Thank you,

City Neighborhood Council