The City Neighborhood Council expected significant changes would most likely be forthcoming as a result of City Council's Statement of Legislative Intent #18-2- A-1-2015 issued to DoN last fall. However, CNC members were surprised by the Mayor’s signing of an Executive Order to form a Community Involvement Commission, which if not modified, ends all City connections with the current CNC/District Council structure which has been in place for almost 3 decades. The Mayor's action occurred in advance of DoN's final SLI response, which was due on July 15th and submitted by the Department of Neighborhoods - view here. As many are aware, the CNC/District Council system has been impacted by a reduction of support from the City for several years. As a result, ongoing discussions have occurred at the neighborhood level to identify tools to further leverage our efforts (volunteer time which is provided at no cost to the city) to improve community outreach, education and engagement. An announcement will be made shortly about tools mentioned above which would help improve connections between Seattle neighborhoods and the city. The next CNC meeting is Monday, August 29th, 6:30 PM @ City Hall, Room 370. Topics include: the Mayor's Executive Order severing existing City ties with the CNC/District Council structure and finalize details for a broader community forum to be scheduled within the next few weeks. We look forward to working together to plan for the future of the CNC and District Councils - more updates to follow.

City Neighborhood Council