Head's Up Seattle

City Council is at a critical point in the City Budget process

If you believe Neighborhood District Councils provide another valuable connection between the City and your neighborhoods, send an email and/or call Councilmember Burgess TODAY to let him know you support Councilmembers Herbold and Bagshaw's Proposed Amendments to the Mayor's Proposed Budget which:

  • Adds/maintains 2016 financial support levels to all 13 District Councils in the amount of $6,947
  • Provides District Councils with a formal role in reviewing NMF grant program proposals - (P6, Item 6 Herbold Proposed Amendments)
  • Councilmember Bagshaw's proposed amendments are also included at the same link - shown in the mark-up of the legislation (Attachment A) to the Council Central Staff DON Budget Deliberations White Paper.


  • New City Commission startups (Community Involvement Commission proposed by the Mayor) are not without challenges;
  • District  Councils helped build and shape the Neighborhood Matching Fund program within their neighborhoods, significantly leveraging City resources.  District Councils have worked hard to engage neighbors, share resources, information and tools;
  • District Councils have provided a significant information exchange channel between the City and Seattle neighborhoods;
  • Supporting proposed measures from City Councilmembers Herbold/Bagshaw provides an extremely affordable, parallel tracking system which should remain in effect throughout 2017;
  • City Council should continue the current District Council mandate especially while developing new outreach/engagement tools to leverage more community consultation than has occurred thus far;
  • Ensure more positive outcomes and a new system for community engagement and outreach which is inclusive, effective and broadens participation

Budget Process Next Steps - Budget Committee Chair Burgess will announce his balanced budget package THIS WEDNESDAY and his balanced budget package WILL ONLY INCLUDE proposals he decides to prioritize out of the $73 million proposed.  Seattle neighbors can influence his decision by voicing your support of Councilmembers Herbold/Bagshaw proposals.

Councilmember Burgess:  Tim.Burgess@Seattle.gov

Councilmember Herbold:  Lisa.Herbold@Seattle.gov

Councilmember Bagshaw: Sally.Bagshaw@Seattle.Gov