Celebrating Volunteer Passion and Resilience

Happy Holidays! Seattle is renowned for its volunteerism.  For example:

In 2015, residents volunteered over 250,000 hours in neighborhood Parks.
Since 1988, the Neighborhood Matching Fund has awarded more than $49 million to more than 4,000 projects throughout Seattle, generated an additional $72 million of community match, and engaged more than 86,000 volunteers who have donated over 574,000 hours. Many P-Patches have also received awards from the Neighborhood Matching Fund.
759 individuals contributed 25,221 volunteer service hours to The Seattle Public Library in 2015.
The Seattle Animal Shelter is the beneficiary of at least 64 FTEs of volunteer labor to help care for and foster animals.
The City Attorney’s Office relies upon 6,000 volunteer hours from our neighbors to help serve those in need. The Seattle Police Department also relies upon its volunteer network / partnerships.
Seattle’s 60 boards and commissions are comprised of volunteer positions. 
Virtually every city department taps into Seattle's volunteer base....

Thank You! To everyone who volunteers for their neighborhood in any capacity, We commemorate the passion, dedication and RESILIENCE of your volunteer efforts past, present, and future.

Pass It On.....